The Blessing of the Lord

Often times in my walk with God, I usually get to see His blessing only after it has unfolded.

But then, there are those rare moments when God allows me the privilege of watching His blessings slowly unfold and take shape.
These moments are a blessing in themselves.

What are your expectations?
Ask of the Lord and you shall receive.
He will hasten it in His time according to His will.


Ask And You Shall Receive

In this season of my life, I’m seeing God do things that I asked and He gave me assurance for, years ago.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed and I ask Him “why?”. Then He’ll remind me of when I asked and sometimes told Him what exactly it is I wanted.

God never forgets our conversations. He remembers even when we forget.
And in future when we forget, and ask “why?”, He reminds us.

This has given me confidence to ask even more for the years to come.

The words you speak today are the things you’ll see tomorrow.

Don’t be afraid to share your desires with God no matter how unrealistic they may seem.
Tell Him what you want to see in your future.
Our God is a God of impossibilities.

Ask and it will be given to you.

Even when it feels like nothing is happening yet, keep trusting and believing because God never fails and He never ever forgets.

He will hasten it in HIS TIME according to His will.

Ask, give thanks, and forget it with God.
In due season, you’ll receive and the Holy Spirit will remind you.


Our priests need our prayers too

So, there’s this new guy in church. He’s not exactly new, I mean I knew him as a kid… even though I have a hard time picturing ‘that kid that year’ cause he’s grown into this hunk of a guy…lol.
This is the interesting part though… I went for morning mass today and who did I see in a seminarian vestment sitting on the altar, Mr. Hunky dude! And I was like waoh! OK… Interesting… And then later on I thought, ‘that’s one less handsome single guy’😂. Ok don’t judge me, sister’s just got an eye for good

On a more serious note though, I really admire the young men who of their own volition decide to be priests knowing the sacrifices involved.

I’ve met some of these admirable young men and I’m encouraged by their zeal and decision to genuinely give their lives in service to God.

But to be honest, I fear for them because the world today is so unkind, and with sex symbols plastered all over the place, it has become harder to stay pure and even more for our young men and women who have taken the oath of chastity/celibacy.

Today, I choose to give them my prayers as often as I remember to.

The life they have chosen is not easy and they, like everyone of us are imperfect but I believe with our prayers, their zeal and determination , they can and will do all things through Christ who strengthens them.

Suicide is not the answer! Jesus Christ is!

I’ve often wondered to my self… ‘People that don’t know Jesus how do they cope? What is their hope? How do they survive?'(not everyone who knows about Jesus actually know Him).

Life is too hard and full of darkness to do it without Jesus.

Even as a believer, I’ve had days that I woke up feeling depressed or had life throw something really crushing at me. Days that the darkness threatened to pull me in(like I would literally feel myself being sucked under).

My saving grace on days like that is JESUS…
I plug in my earphones and listen to deep worship that’ll remind me of God’s unchanging love for me(I recommend Hillsong worship or Bethel music), I talk to God(like I would a friend), I tell Him how hurt and disappointed and terrible I feel… I pour it all out because I know that He knows me and He understands me and wouldn’t hold it against me.

And when I’m done airing my grievances, I ask that He help me(no help is too big/small/ridiculous to ask from God) and I ask that He’ll help me trust Him in this season because that’s all it is – A SEASON… And like all seasons, it will pass…

Don’t let the devil fill your mind with thoughts of suicide in the dark season. He knows the greatness that will follow and he just wants to keep you from it. Don’t give him that pleasure!

Remember that ‘weeping may endure for a night but joy shall definitely come in the morning’.

Though you sow in tears, you’ll come again rejoicing bringing in the harvest’.

Hold on brother/sister!
Wear worship like a clothe, never taking it off!
Talk to God!
Talk to someone!
Our God is faithful…
It may take a while… Just don’t give up on yourself because God has not and will never give up on you.

Suicide is not the answer!
Jesus Christ is the answer!

Rock of Ages

This is to remind someone who is feeling overwhelmed by life’s troubles…

God has been around for a really long time.

He has seen and solved countless problems exactly like the one you are going through right now.
And yours will not be an exception.

He is and will always be bigger than any problem so, don’t you let the devil tell you otherwise.

Build your faith in His unchanging nature(now you need to read your Bible to know about that nature).

And let this be your confidence:

Lay that burden at His feet today, and trust Him to take care of it.

Who defines your beauty? Society or God?

Whoever said dark is not beautiful?

The Nigerian presidential election took place yesterday and I was fortunate to be one of the INEC ad-hoc staff during the election.

At the polling unit I was sent to, I noticed most of the women were bleached with unnaturally horrible looking skins(no offence intended) which is obviously as a result of using cheap bleaching creams. And they were all heavily made-up in a sad way, both young and old.

There was this particular old woman who was all bleached with a terrible skin and an equally terrible looking makeup and you could just see she was trying so hard to hold on to her youth. It was a really sad sight to behold!

Then I saw an old schoolmate who used to be dark and beautiful but now fair with the ‘coke and fanta effect’ and I could just imagine her skin few years from now. Really sad!

I don’t know if it’s only in my town that most of the women especially those in their 30s and 40s are all wrongly bleached, always wearing ridiculously excessive makeup with the horrible ‘fashion gone-wrong’ hair and clothes that are supposed to make them look younger but instead make them look like circus queens(no offence intended).

I’m honestly not criticizing them, I just really feel sad for them and angry at whoever told them that they have to be fair and made-up to be beautiful.

Who set this benchmark for beauty?

Who said a woman cannot age gracefully?

Why do ladies put pressure on themselves to be young and fair?

Who did this to us?

I am dark and beautiful and there is nothing anyone can say to me to make believe otherwise.
I am confident in the gorgeous woman God made me to be.
I almost never wear makeup and I deliberately refuse to be intimidated by all the sometimes perfectly made-up faces around me and desperately refuse to settle for all the cheap beauty products in the market that make some women who try their best to fit in with the society’s definition of beauty look like colourful masquerades.

My benchmark for beauty is this-I am made
wonderfully made and I am created in the image of my Heavenly Father.
I keep in my mind that I don’t have to turn myself into something God never imagined when he was creating me, in order to look like the people on TV or fit into society’s standard.
God did not design our skins for cheap chemicals.

Dear beautiful woman,
Build your confidence in who God made you to be.
You are beautiful and gorgeous just the way you are.
Don’t let society define beauty for you.
Look into your mirror everyday and tell yourself, I am beautifully made in the image of my Heavenly Father(whether your mirror agrees with you or not) because in the end, people see you the way you see yourself! (If you are insecure and have to hide behind makeup, people will see that).

I am beautiful just the way I am and so are you!

P. S. If you must makeup or bleach, then by all means go for quality and if you can’t afford quality, love yourself enough to build your confidence in your God-given looks.



This is to everyone who has to put their desires and hormones to sleep everyday by singing the lullaby ‘God sees the heart’ and quoting every quotable scripture.

I just want to remind you that GOD IS FAITHFUL and will not forget your labour of love.

I know bringing the body under subjection to the word of God is hard and sometimes frustrating, but hang in there!